The Kancil Puppets


wayang kancil - sri wisnu

The community in Balai Budaya Minomartani wishes to have a place for expression. Their wish is granted by the generosity of a royal man. A village hall is built and children, youth and adult frequently come together in that place. They practice gamelan, dancing, puppets, and other arts. The children love Wayang Kancil very much. Wayang Kancil are puppets with animal characters. The main character is Kancil (a mouse deer). The story, taken from folklore, emphasizes on honesty, fairness and harmony with nature. Unfortunately, due to lack of money, a set of Wayang Kancil is sold to Australia. The children are very sad. They keep asking their guides (Mas Didik and Mbak Ninik) when will Kancil come back to Balai Budaya Minomartani. The children then write a letter to Australia. The buyers touched by the letter send Wayang Kancil back to Yogyakarta. The children are happy to have Kancil back.

This video is one program of Village Hall Serial in the format of semi-documentary. The story is a mix of realities in the Community of Balai Budaya Minomartani Yogyakarta and fiction. The aim is to promote local culture and create harmonious life between human, nature and God.

Duration : 24 minutes
Language: original in Bahasa, English subtitles.


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